Can you find Balestrino, Italy???

Balestrino, Italy


Balestrino is quite a strange case in that it was extremely difficult to find any decent information on it. At least on the abandonment itself. No one is quite sure when the town was established, though records date back to before the eleventh century – when Balestrino was owned by the Benedictine abbey of San Pietro dei Monti. As you can see from the pictures, the upper part of the town consists of a Castle (of Marquis) and the lower part a parish church (of Sant’Andrea). Records of population go back to around 1860, when around 800-850 people lived there. Mainly famers who took advantage of the landscape to farm olive trees.

In the late nineteenth century, the North-West coast of Italy was struck by numerous earthquakes. One of these in 1887 (magnitude 6.7) destroyed some villages in the area of Savona, and although no official records show Balestrino was affected it coincides with much repair work and a dip in population. Finally in 1953 the town was abandoned due to ‘geological instablility’, and the remaining inhabitants (around 400) were moved to safer ground to the west. The derelict part of Balestrino that has stood untouched and inaccessible for fifty plus years is currently undergoing planning for redevelopment. Today around 500 people remain in the town’s newer area which is a good kilometer down the road.

Balestino, Italy is a part of Italy that not many people are familiar with. There is a low population in this area. It looks to be a small village. I think this would be a nice place to visit if you were visiting Italy. People can have some trouble finding this location in Italy considering it does not have much information about it. The top part of this picture has a castle and there also seems to have a lot a land around it. Today, it is preparing for redevelopment. People who used to live there have moved to a town close by, that is a newer area.



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